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The services I offer

The services offered are only tailor-made in order to offer you unique support.
As a guarantee of quality, at least one coordinator will be systematically present to assist me.

I have always established a bond of trust and respect with the bride and groom; they are fully aware of the organization, time and complexity that organizing a wedding requires.
This is an important event and one that deserves full attention. 

Most often couples are overwhelmed, working hours are very demanding, are not compatible or are out of sync. They are delighted to have a wedding planner capable of making their project a reality!

I may not offer the least expensive service, but I give the best of myself and therefore the best possible service for you!

Organisation complète

Service Name

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Service Name

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Service Name

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My services


Congratulations you are Just Feyoncé

Just a detail, you don't know where to start.

The first contact, the moment when I can't help but wonder what this project is going to be, what your story is about and what brought you here.


During this first contact, we will define the feasibility of your project and find out if your desires and my skills are compatible.

If we continue in this beautiful direction, I offer you a free, no-obligation meeting, to get to know each other, to ask questions in order to identify your needs and return to your little bubble of love.

At the end of our meeting, I will send you a proposition with all the details you share with me.

The complete organization package includes: 

  •  The follow up of your budget

  • The search and pre-selection from your reception location

  • Appointment of unlimited monitoring and support 

  • There research and the pre-selection of all service providers (Photographer, Videographer, DJ, Bartender, Wedding Designer, Florist, music group, ceremony officiant, make up artist, etc.)

  • Development of a retroplanning

  • Proofreading of quotes/contracts and administrative management

  • Access and provision on private platform, documents relating to the organization (payments, retro-planning, budget)

  • The organization and support at service provider appointments

  • The management and hosting guests (shuttle arrangement, etc.)

  • The presence of an additional assistant for installation the day before, the day of the reception and brunch. 

And if for you it is obvious to compose together then it will be essential for me to make you my priority.

From 4 300

Frais d'agence à partir de 4 150€


Lovers who already have one or two service providers but who want me to take over!


The partial organization formula includes: 

  • Pre-selection and search for remaining service providers

  • Connecting with service providers already found by the couple

  • Budget development and management

  • Proofreading of contracts/quotes

  • Follow-up appointment with the couple

  • Developing the schedule for D-Day

  • D-Day coordination

  • The presence of at least one coordinator the day before for installation, the day of the event and the next day at brunch

From €3,000


Welcoming and taking care of guests, managing communication between service providers... you have to think about all these little details to have a great wedding!

You have found all the providers for this beautiful day, only it is time to think of yourself and enjoy your day peacefully.

I suggest you take over the preparations, be a shoulder to lean on and take care of the management of your day. 

It is during a first meeting that you will be able to confide in me your fears, your expectations and above all your beautiful story.

I will, in turn, explain to you my little action plan so that this day is memorable through these essential points: 

  • welcoming guests

  • management of unforeseen events

  • coordination, management and reception of service providers

  • the smooth running of the schedule

  • the elements that seem essential to you;

If the idea appeals to you, I will take over the management of the preparations; I contact all the service providers, your witnesses and your loved ones in order to introduce myself and create this essential complicity for your wonderful day.

From 2,000 


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Organisation Partielle
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