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When should I hire a wedding planner?

There are no good and bad times, however, to benefit from the best service providers and above all to have peaceful preparations, in good conditions, the sooner the better!

Do you take care of providing the decoration?

As the name suggests; I am a wedding planner, my specialty is the organization of your wedding. My role is to help you project the atmosphere of your wedding, by suggesting some decorative elements such as the choice of furniture, flowers, signage, etc.

It is on this basis that I pass the baton to the decorator, who will bring her technical expertise to your project.

What is the budget for organizing your wedding?

THE most asked question. As I say, it's all about consistency but personal choice. Several criteria are taken into account, the number of guests, the type of venue desired, the geographical area (France-Luxembourg-Belgium), your requirements, etc.

As a result, on average the budget in the Grand Est is between €20,000 and €25,000.

There are no good or bad budgets, a wedding doesn't have to be €50,000 to be a "good" wedding, but there is no secret, your wedding budget must be in line with the service providers you choose as well as all the criteria mentioned above.

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